Travel is Rest

I know that the Spring can be especially hectic.  Today, I'd like to talk with you about Rest.


I was recently listening to a podcast about the importance of rest.  When asked about practical ways to rest, the guest being interviewed responded by saying that travel is one of the best ways to rest.  I wholeheartedly agree!
Even when your vacation isn’t just laying on the beach on a tropical island (though we could all use one of these trips from time to time!), you are still resting.  “How is going to a theme park or hiking resting?” you might ask.  Well, just by doing something other than your normal day-to-day tasks, your body recognizes that it’s allowed to rest and relax. 
My husband and I recently went on an adventure cruise with UnCruise Adventures. (Click HERE to see some of our photos.)  We hiked up boulders, kayaked, rode burros in the mountainous desert, and snorkeled with sea lions and whale sharks.  This might not sound “restful”, but it was one of the most rejuvenating weeks of my life.  Yes, my body was active.  But I was also able to unplug, do things I don’t normally do, and make memories with my husband.


Be encouraged that you are helping your whole family rest when you travel as a family.  Unplug, take some breaks (especially if you are at a theme park or doing a lot of outside activities), and just focus on taking a break from the day-to-day.  Experience new things, try new foods, and give your kids the gift of memories. 
Even if you can only get away for a couple of days this year, make rest and travel a priority in your family.


I would love to brainstorm with you about your family’s next adventure.  Schedule a time to chat with me during a free Vacation Memory Planning Session.  Let me help make the planning process more restful as well!