Let me help you plan your dream vacation!


Authentic. immersive. boutique.

I am a travel agent who helps create authentic boutique cruise vacations.  I take care of the details so you can focus on being immersed in the destinations, while sailing aboard your "boutique hotel" on water.


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Does your heart skip a beat when you think about all of the breathtaking places around the world? Do you seek authentic, immersive vacations that focus on culture, nature, and incredible destinations? Does the thought of only unpacking once and being able to "come home" to your relaxing, intimate hotel on water after a day of exploring appeal to you?

Then let's talk about Boutique Cruises.

Whether you want to travel by river or ocean, I can help match you to the perfect cruise line and itinerary.

I am so passionate about exploring our incredible world. It brings me such joy to know I get to help others broaden their worldview and make memories while experiencing new cultures and places. 

steps to making memories on your Cruise Vacation

When I help you plan your vacation, you don't have to spend countless hours researching all of your options and trying to find the best deal.  You also don't have to worry that you are missing a piece of the vacation puzzle as you spin your wheels trying to think of everything you need to plan.  I will help take care of the big picture AND the details so you can just enjoy your dream trip.  Also, my planning services are FREE.


step 1

Share your ideas, dreams, and goals for your next adventure. If you don't have vacation specifics (like destination or cruise line), I can help make suggestions. I will get you free, no-obligation quotes based on your desires for your trip.


step 2

After you book, I will begin working on the details. I will also send you planning information throughout the process. You can contact me with ANY questions you have.  I will also monitor your rates and have discounts applied if a better rate becomes available.


step 3

Go on your dream cruise vacation and explore new places and cultures! Be sure to take your itinerary pages from me. Also, you will be able to contact me during your trip with any questions or concerns. I will take care of things so you can focus on what is important: memories!

Let me help you plan your dream vacation!

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