Tales of an Adventure Cruise - Part 1


We unplugged for a week and celebrated our 10th anniversary a few months early.  It was honestly one of the greatest weeks of my life, and I can’t wait to share a few of the highlights with you!

Because there are SO many things I want to share with you, I’m going to break up our trip into three parts:

  1. Activities and Excursions
  2. Landscape and Nature
  3. Service and Life Onboard

One of the things that truly made our adventure cruise one-of-a-kind was the  complimentary activities and excursions.  With most cruise lines, you pay extra for excursions if you want to do something during your days in port.  With UnCruise, all of the activities were included.  Each day, we were in a different location, and there were exciting new things to explore and experience on each little dot of the map.
Every evening during cocktail hour, our Activities Coordinator would give us our menu of activities for the next day and tell us how many we could choose.  I’m used to camp-type activity scenarios where you are given options, but there are only x amount of spots for each activity.  That was not the case here!  Each person chose what they wanted to do, and then our Activities Coordinator took everyone’s orders and made a schedule.  This was posted on the information board the next morning. 
Most days, we were allowed to choose two activities.  A couple of days we chose more, and two days we chose less since they had other things planned for us (including cruising to find sea animals, which I’ll talk about in the third installment!).  They also checked out snorkel gear and wet suits to each person for them to use for the duration of the cruise (also included in the cruise price). 
There were truly activities for everyone!  Whether you wanted to just sit in a small skiff boat and have a guide point out various nature or hike up boulders, there was something to fit your adventure level. 


Here are some of the offerings during our cruise:

  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaks
  • Small/skiff boat tours (great for relaxing and/or photography)
  • Ridge Hike (walking up a trail on a cliff)
  • Burro ride in the desert mountains
  • Swimming/snorkeling with Sea Lions
  • Beach Parties (drinks, towels, kayaks, paddle boards, and even beachside yoga provided)
  • Exploratory hike (off-path, intense hike)
  • Boulder Scramble Hike
  • Slow Nature Walk
  • Swimming/snorkeling with Whale Sharks (or staying on the small boat to view them)
  • Whale Museum
  • Engine Room and Galley Tour
  • Shopping
  • Serpetarium
  • Relaxing on the ship instead of doing an activity

As you can see, the list was extensive!  It was exciting to hear about our options each night for the following day.  We also found that these were great opportunities to get to know our fellow cruisers.  Since there were less than 50 guests onboard (more on this later!), we formed great friendships—and a lot of this happened while on excursions and activities.
All of the activities were truly fantastic!  One of the greatest things was having the UnCruise Guides with us for all of them.  Their knowledge, passion for Baja and the various creatures that inhabit this area of the world, and genuine delight in being able to share with us were priceless. 

It is SO hard to pick a favorite excursion, but I think my top three might be 1) riding a burro in the desert mountains, 2) the ridge hike, and 3) kayaking in the crystal-clear teal water. 
I am beyond thankful that I was able to experience all of these incredible things during our UnCruise Adventure.  My husband and I still look at each other often and say, “Did we really get to do all of that?!”

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